Bed Bug Detection

Do you have bed bugs? Bed bug detection is easier than you may think! We've got all the answers you need to inspect, find, and identify signs of bedbugs in your home or hotel room.

If you travel, you absolutely need to know how to detect bed bugs yourself.

If you're trying to determine whether you've got bed bugs at home, you have a few more options. What are they?

When it comes to bed bug detection, you basically have three choices: do it yourself, have an exterminator do it, or get Fido to sniff them out for you.

If you've already found evidence of a live bed bug and have made a positive ID...

You should skip this section and go right to the bed bug pest control section. You need to start control measures right away...

Detecting Bed Bugs Yourself

If want to go the DIY route, it's not as hard as you might think. But you do need a little preparation. No worries. You can learn everything you need to know right here.

First, you need to know what you're looking for...

So, you'll want to learn what bed bugs look like in all stages of their life cycle (eggs, baby bed bugs and adults) and how to identify the 9 signs you have bed bugs.

If you do find something, make sure you know know how to identify it for sure.

Next you need to know where and how to look.

Keep in mind that bed bugs are extremely flat and capable of hiding in unexpected places. So you'll need to learn where bed bugs hide and how to find them by conducting a proper inspection. You will also want to make sure that you don't cause bed bugs to spread when you are looking for them.  Once you've got under your belt, it's time to get busy!

You may also find it helpful to put together your own bed bug inspection kit. Some of these items you already have around the house, and most of them are optional. But there are a few “must haves” like a flash light and something to contain any bed bugs or other evidence you find.

Bed Bug Detection Devices

If you can't find any visual evidence an infestation, there are some devices on the market you can use to help you confirm whether or not there really are any bed bugs. These include detectors/monitors and interceptor/traps. They are also a great “early warning system” if you don't have bed bugs now and want to avoid a full scale infestation if you happen to bring a hitchhiker or two home.

Note: bed bug “traps” are not really bed bug control devices, as some may claim. They will help you figure out whether you have bed bugs, and yes, they will help you get rid of a few. Just keep in mind that they're not an effective method of getting rid of the majority of the bed bugs you have.

Bed Bug Detection by an Exterminator

Getting a professional to do your detective work for you is usually quicker, easier and more effective than doing it yourself. Early detection is the key to being able to get rid of bed bugs quickly. So bed bug detection by a properly qualified exterminator is always a good option.

In some cases exterminators will do an inspection free of charge, or will credit the cost of the inspection back to you in the form of a rebate if you choose to use them for pest control services. One thing to keep in mind is that they should show you proof of an infestation before they do any treatments. After all, who wants to pay for a service they don't need? Especially when chemicals are involved...

The benefits to going this route are that you don't have to do the heavy lifting, so to speak, and you gain peace of mind that your home was professionally inspected. This is an especially good option if you checked for bed bugs yourself and didn't find anything, but still think you might have a problem. Learn more in the exterminators section of this site.

Bed Bug Detection Dogs

Much like police canines or dogs used to detect certain diseases, a bed bug dog is trained to detect the scent of bed bugs.

bed bug dog

This is a great option if you can't find any evidence of bed bugs and have ruled everything else out, but are still being bitten.

There are a number of companies that now offer this service. If you go this route, ideally, you would hire an independent inspection team, that doesn't work for the pest control operator.

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